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Tenants - During Your Tenancy

Prior to your move in, a note and photographs will be taken of the meter readings at the property. These readings will provided to you as part of your property Inventory. We will contact the utility suppliers and supply these meter readings to them. We will also contact the relevant local council to inform them of your move in. You will then receive welcome packs from the relevant supplier and authority.

On the day you move in you will pay the following:
  • Security Deposit (less holding fee if already paid)
  • 1st months’ rent paid in advance
Once you have moved in, you will have ongoing costs:
  • Your monthly rental payments.
    • Rents are normally quoted calendar monthly and payable monthly in advance. You will be asked to set up a monthly standing order with your bank. However, tenants are also welcome to pay the rent in full prior to the commencement of the tenancy.
  • Council Tax.
  • Utilities bills.
  • Phone bills, broadband and line rental.
What is expected of you during your tenancy:
  • To make your rental payments on time.*
  • Respect the property and its surroundings.
  • Not cause damage or neglect in any way.
  • Do not allow anyone to live in the property who is not named on the tenancy agreement.
  • Keep the property clean, tidy and presentable at all times including any garden space.
  • Inform of us any decorative changes you wish to carry out. Permission for this is at your landlord’s discretion.
  • Report any necessary repairs or maintenance to us immediately.
  • To give us access to your property to discuss matters with you, inspect the property or carry out repairs or maintenance especially of an urgent nature.
  • Allow access for routine inspections. These will be carried out throughout your tenancy, you should let us know if you cannot keep an appointment that has been arranged with you.
  • Not to abuse, threaten or harass our staff or contractors.

* Late/Non Payment of Rent:

Late payment charges will apply which will be detailed in your tenancy agreement. You will also be charged for any arrears letters issued to you if rent remains outstanding.


Should you experience any problems making your monthly rental payments you should convey this to Premier Properties as soon as possible via email to: